**If ANY of the above apply, please call (302) 736-1800 to cancel your appointment and contact your primary care provider to review

    your symptoms.

In addition to the above listed screening measures that are being taken, the following  additional measures are being taken by Delaware Dermatology:

  • All individuals entering the office are required to wear a face mask at all times
  • All individuals entering the office have their temperatures taken upon entrance.  Should an individual's temperature produce a high reading, he/she is rescheduled to EITHER: a later date altogether OR a Telehealth appointment (whereby the patient is seen virtually and not in the office)
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available at check-in/check-out as well as in each exam room
  • Appointment times are now spaced farther apart to allow for a thorough cleaning of each exam room in between each visit
  • At this time, NO visitors are allowed in the office with patients unless the patient is a minor OR needs special assistance.  If so, only ONE visitor is allowed access 
  • For your safety, we are no longer allowing individuals to remain in the waiting room.  Upon arrival to Delaware Dermatology, individuals are asked to call the office from their cell phone.  Should the exam room be available, the individual may then enter the office to be checked in and taken immediately to the exam room.  If the exam room is not currently available, the individual is asked to wait in his/her car and our office will call as soon as the exam room becomes available

FLU and CORONAVIRUS Prevention

Delaware Dermatology is closely monitoring all updates and guidance provided by the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) and other governmental bodies regarding the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  In an abundance of caution, all patients with an upcoming appointment are being notified to contact the office to reschedule if any of the following applies:

  1. Eyes: redness, irritation, discharge, watery eye, dryness, itchiness, puffy eyes, swollen lining of the eye
  2. Respiratory Issues / Flu Like Symptoms: fever, severe aches, shortness of breath
  3. Travel: If you have recently traveled to any of the "hot zones" OR outside the U.S.; if you have been on a cruise ship OR have been exposed to someone who has
  4. Exposure: If you have tested positive for COVID-19 OR were exposed to anyone that has tested positive

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